The Door of Hell
Megawad - Definitive Edition
"The Door of Hell" Original Doom 2 Megawad - Definitive Edition: 32 Demonic levels, for single or multiplayer action, avaliable for cooperative mode or bloody war at deathmatch battle - by Pedroom.
No money and no virus, don’t worry, go ahead and have fun
Pedroom's The Door of Hell
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This download includes:
Pedroom.wad: 32 levels
Pedroom32.txt: wad info



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Fight against thousands of enemys in an bloody infernal war that you hadnít seen yet. 32 levels, for single or multiplayer action:1 to 4 players, deathmatch or cooperative. New graphics (from Heretic), sounds and midis themes. Compatible with Doom II under any Quake engine (tested only with JDoom system).


Game Details:

Unique FEATURES of this Megawad: we added some textures from Heretic and a new sound for pistol and for Cyberdemon.

Over the scenarios,you will find things, gore and places such as:
Boxe gymnasium, cine theater, graveyard, soccer stadium, basketball square, the mariner's apartment and neighborhood, slums, bus station, Factory, line-of-production, painting machine, Hitler's house, beach, the Tsunami wave, lighthouse ocean, healers hut, Vietnam war, rice plow, Niagara waterfall, sail boat, Mu's Lorenzia City, church, hunging, the fortune-teller, the portal,Coliseum Arena, ghost train, the Ciberdemon's bedroom,The Door of Hell, Chatô's museum, the bug yard, hanging garden, the crazy house, the true spirit world, chess board.

War fare miscellaneous: cannons, nazi submarine, destroyer ship, helicopter, F15, electrified fences, step mines, ambush, air strike, grenadiers, trap bomb, gas chamber, crematorium oven, bunker, casamate, trap tunnel, trenches.

Levels adapted from movies
: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Guns of Navarone and Platoon.

And Levels adapted from Mu Online: Lorenzia, Lost Tower 6, Icarus.

Other games and stuff that inspired us
: Heretic, Hexen, Dark Forces I and II: Jedi Knight, Duke Nukem, Blood, Vietnam, Tekken, Dante's hell lyrics


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