"Some stories you have to live to understand, in this one, you have to die" - Pedroom Killer

The Door of Hell
The Door of Hell - Back Story
Back Story & Tips

After facing the Hell on Phobos and escaping of have your flesh consumed, returning to your home planet to find it slaughtered by demons, being forced to face and beat the Masters, discovering that evil could even be more evilved and, finally, defeating the inferno's menace known as Plutonia Experiment, now you realize what, in fact, this nightmare you've being through is: endless. And, since you are here, you have to fight one more chapter of this eternal battle.

You have found the door that leads to Hell; you have found THE DOOR OF HELL. And, congratulations, because you've been brave enough to open it.

This chapter starts when you find yourself at home, after having accepted the awful truth: the zombie-men, Imps and all monsters from Hell are your eternal neighbors, and you, finally, have learned how to live in peace with them. But neither you and nor them were really satisfied with this situation. You have in mind that you can defeat they, and so them in their minds. In accordance with Hell, you two challenge yourself to put an end to this matter on a boxing fight. That is the moment when this story starts. Step foward to live it, or to die it...

Episode I - In the City

Level 01 - Boxing Gimnasium

This level starts on the changing room, where you are preparing yourself for the fight that has been promised as the last one: a boxing match against the Hell. You warm yourself knocking down some spares and, then, going straight to the ring. Inside the gymnasium, you see everybody present, since the simple zombie-monster until the greatest beasts; everybody is there, even his last few allied mariners. The bad news is that the the crowd from the stands are only monstersÖ

But, one thing should be clarified. During your truce time with Hell, only one word could describe it: suspicion. And, once the fight has begun, you two started cheating, one before the other - like if it were possible -, and, at the end, you both shall pay the price for this betrayalÖ.

Tip: Don't be coward, don't even think you can overpass this level without passing through the boxe ring



 Level 02 - Cine Terror: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

After paying the price for cheating on your boxing fight, which was: your own life. Now you are dead, bobbing around like a lost soul that refuses to accept that the life has gone.

You think that you won the fight and is alive; then you went sightseeing over the city like if everything had back to normal. You pass in front of a movie theater and glances a poster of one of yours favorite reprise. You get in to watch it.

When the lights go off, you realize that the movie star is you, and the ability you acquired managing the chainsaw.

Tip: A step-active-plat-and-run-to-get-something movement is required to overpass this level. Follow the lights, man, follow the lightsÖ

Level 03 - Elevator

After escaping of being slaughtered, you track your own death body near around the gymnasium quarter-block. As soon as you find it, you possess it; you are back to life, a zombie fighting zombies. Then you start a journey over the city to give the pay-back for those who separated your soul from your body, but not destroyed your undefeatable and beyond-worlds will.

Your start your bloody trip over the city by the greatest construction you see, an enormous building ahead, and, if is it huge, so should be the monsters you shall face.

Tip: If you are smart, you will have to get the elevator only once to find the exit and also some secrets and power-ups



 Level 04 - The River

Only Hell could describe a disgusting bad-smelling slime sewer as a ďriverĒ. Thatís the real problem of them, the problem that have never led you accept living with them: they just donít have good taste, they donít know how to appreciate a good wine. Whatever is the name they give to the hazard water you see, you will have to follow it.

Tip: Have you heard about or learned the Pythagorasí theorem? Do you know what a hypotenuse is? The tip is that you wonít need to make any high-math calcs to discover what to do when the truth moment presents itself

Level 05 - The Street of Doom

Walking around a city conquered by demons of Hell can be very dangerous, if you step through the wrong corner, you may see yourself surrounded by an entire evil demonic gang-street. Surrounded can you be, surrender shall you never.

Tip: Extra-care with blowing-up barrels, I donít want hearing that I have not warned you



Level 06 - Soccer Stadium

You heard some evil voices whispering about a soccer match between the former-humans team and the sergeants team. Great! A stadium full of monsters is an opportunity to kill thousands of those bastards that you wonít waste.

Tip: ďThen Pelé carried the ball passing through all the defenders, even the goalkeeper, and entered the goal with ball and bodyĒ Ė says a TV soccer speaker

Level 07 - Deadtier

This level represents a frontier you have to pass in order to go further into the game and, like the original "Dead Simple" iDís level, this is one that will challenge you more than others. You will discover that beyond simple, death can be tied on different manners.

Tip: Prepare your self for a violent battle and painful traps. Despite a great battle, this level is very simple: you will have only to go ahead killing everything that moves and enabling some switches


Episode II - Downtown


Level 08 - Neighborhoom

Home at last. Starting from the marinerís apartment, now you will experience how disturbing his neighborhood is, and discover why it is impossible to live next to these infernal neighbors. The boy on next door is, in fact, the demon on next door.

Tip: Climbing walls is a good way to "diminish" pain.

Level 09 - Apdooment

Still hanging around the neighborhood, you decide to visit mamaís who lives on the building right in front of yours. But you got there too late, the villains have arrived first. Very sad entering your childhood home and find it dominated by the evil forces. But you have seen such kind of bad things that nothing can shock you anymore, the only thing you can do is what you always have been doing: killing all evil entities you find on your way until get all keys that will lead to exit.

Tip: When you were a child, mama used to get angry when youíd forget to clean the pussy's mess



Level 10 - Babel Tower

Emerging from a bloody infernal lava well, you see three great towers ahead and lot of enemies firing on you. You know you must get over there to survive, but you have to figure out how to do it. Wisdom is the keyword to find your way through this level, you will realize that there are no many places to go or hiding things. So, be calm, just steer around carefully and you sure will get out of there easily.

Tip: In order to not burn the tongue, you shall always start having a hot soup by the edges

Level 11 - Labyrinth

On iDís Plutonia edition you had to pass through a frightful labyrinth full of arch-viles to be rewarded with the BFG9000 weapon. Once again, Hell have prepared a large arch-viles labyrinth for closing this first episode and, at last, let you leave the city. They know you had won before, so they designed this new one in order to be harder. But you donít have to be afraid, this time you will count with the BFG on the battle, and Iím sure you will need it.

Tip: Try to illuminate your way when possible, it will help you not getting lost


Episode III - Wolfenstein Reborn


Level 12 - The Guns of Navarone

Like always, something went wrong on the last teleport you took, and you were sent to the past, at the exact moment when everything had begun. You are back to Wolfensteinís reality; you are back to the World War II environment. Once more, the Nazism is the enemy you have to fight, and this time the thing is worst, because the inferno has come back to past with you.

Your first assignment is to open way for the marine war vessels that are trapped by some great cannons, and you will have to destroy them.

Tip: Donít waste ammo trying to destroy the cannons from distance, you will find a clever way to turn them off, be patience. Take care because the Naziís are experts with great weapons and guardhouse

Level 13 - Hitler House

Bored of playing soldier on a forgotten war, you make your head to finish it on a single strike: terminating its mastermind, killing Adolph Hitler in person. You invade his house and find him, only to discover who is the truly puppeteer: I know you can guess who is.

Tip: At the forties, the houses were all built with plenty of secret passages



Level 14 - Holocaust

After killing Hitler, you do some efforts to make sure he would never return from Hell. So you attempt to destroy his mansion until the only thing to remain shall be smoke and ashes. But Hitler had always been evil enough to keep some malignant surprises even after deathÖ

Tip: Trying to run away the monsters is a strategy that only will make you die faster

Level 15 - Bosses

One of the hardest levels you will play, and the last of Wolfensteinís sequence. To leave the World War II reality, Hell has prepared an extremely violent and bloody battle, with only the highest skilled enemies. But has any demon the same skill as yours? At this level you will have to prove that, in fact, there are no monsters that can beat you.

Tip: Donít forget that this level has two exits, and the second one will lead you to the secret levels


Episode IV - The Castle of Heretic


Level 16 - Iguaçú Waterfall

Once again, the last slipgate device you took, failed, and, after the teletransportation, you find yourself even more deeply lost on the timeline. More than the time, this shift drived you lost over the eons of history, and you have been sent to the land where heretics used to be burned at the bonfire by their sins, you are back to the forgotten world of the darkness age.

You see a gigantic waterfall, a catarata that you will have to spend a swimming time through it until getting all keys that will open the escape way out. Finding a map will be very helpful to overpass this level.

Tip: You are at war man: everything goes; there are no rules, no right or wrong. You donít need to be embarrassed for plundering the dead bodies. And donít forget that some enemies can attack you even if they are hiding behind invisible walls

Level 17 - Yard

You find the main village where the medieval people used to live. A yard with dangerous corners and dungeons and dragons, where some alleys and a small bridge over a lava river leads to the main courtyard. Lots of surprises and traps awaits for you through your way to find the exit of this rustic and haunted place.

Tip: Some plats are step-over-somewhere activated, so try to explore every place you can reach, and look for invisible walls too



Level 18 - Lorenzia

After navigating over the sea during a long time, you find a forgotten continent, you get arrive into the legendary Mu land. And this level begins where Mu begins, in Lorenziaís city. Just go sightseeing around the village visiting some elder friends, check the fortune-teller tent, the dark mage hut and the dark knights market; look for weapons by the forge and shake-hands with Blacksmith. Go pray at the Gallant chapel's mass and donít miss the main afternoon city event: the sinnerís hanging.

Tip: Just take care when stepping out of the city because dangerous monsters are likely to ambush youÖ Good fings are on the vault

Level 19 - Herege

You finally find yourself at the usual place where the heretics and sinners like you are used to be sent: an inescapable citadel infested by many Ciberdemons and heavy monsters on all sides, where no one ever has escaped alive. Be cold and merciless on battle to savor victory, with bravery you will find the means of surviving. Prepare to be tested far beyond your highest skills.

Tip: When a fall does not falls, it may means something important



Level 20 - Battlefield

The final chapter of this infernal Heretic adventure, where you will have to fight the ultimate beast, the monster who commands monsters. A powerful creature that wonít save any efforts to block your way. But if you made all the way through here, this level is nothing more than a large battlefield, one of those where war never ends until you find the way to get out.

Tip: Look for small corners to find the keys that will lead you out of this nightmare, be precise and quick

Episode V - The Door of Hell

Level 21 - Cyber Lair

You are inside a fortress where the zombies hide the Ciberdemonís Cave, his original lair or nest, how some demons use to speak. An outpost of Hell which guards one of its most fearful beasts. Prepare yourself to face an entire platoon of diabolic Ciberdemonís slaves, whose will try to stop you by several meanings and, if you pass, challenge the great boss.

Tip: Seek light to not fall on deadly blood wells and finding secret passages



Level 22 - Arena

You thought that you have been sent to the past again, to the age when the true warriors would prove their strength in deadly fights inside a crowded arena. But this time, In fact, you havenít traveled through time again, the Hell is the one who has stopped on the timeline, and they keep doing such kind of barbarian death match until nowadays. You have already proved that you are a great warrior, now you will show how brave gladiator you can be. Just take care to not get yourself lost under the Arenaís dungeons; sometimes the worst fight can be where less it seems to.

Tip: Save the cell-charges for the moments when you really need it

Level 23 - Devilcross

You find a strange dark portal in Devilcross shape that you have to pass, indeed, a place that will allow you to survive or die depending on your movements and perseverance. This level will challenge not only your strength and agility, it will charge a good strategy to avoid death. You will have to carefully pick up the right moment to move forward or backward, to use the properly weapon to hit different kinds and positioned enemies or find a good bunker. Now you will learn why a good strategy is the key to reach victory and glory.

Tip: The greed shall be cursed and followed by an unavoidable death. Try to avoid stepping on the poisoned ground as much as you can



Level 24 - Cidatel

You see ahead an enormous citadel blocking the way through a giant door. Thatís it! You finally found THE DOOR OF HELL, but, to open it, you will first need visiting the great gate guardians. Entering the Ciberdemonís bedroom and the brainís screaming hall are some of the required tasks you will have to survive in order to get the keys that will open the great portal which leads to Hell. Thatís the place your destiny always takes you. You have already been too much time away from the fate you belong to.

Tip: Sometimes, even the most difficult tasks are the easiest to accomplish if you find the right way to fulfill them. Do I need to tip you once more to take care with invisible walls?

Level 25 - Black Mass

You feel the treacherous whistling hell wind coming from a calm place built with strange constructions. Nothing left to do than going ahead and exploring the region around, but, take care: you know as nice a place seems to be, as deadly it will certainly become. Inside this place, you can find a cult of black magic to help you pray to avoid demons. You surely will be introduced to the Hell's architecture and its mortal free-spaces.

Tip: To be or not to beÖ Crushed? To crush or not to crush?



Level 26 - Teledie

You are at the main hall of Hell: a place where devils use to welcome the fresh souls. A place crowded with lost souls and demons of many kinds and levels. Every hall ends on a slipgate device, and, choiceless, you have to jump yourself ahead and teleport wherever it might takes you, to find death or, if you can, the exit way.

Tip: You will have only one choice between many to live or die when opening the exit way: be wise

Level 27 - Inferno Plateau

You are getting near your destiny; you already can hear the inferno's horror shouts from distance and feel the disgusting sulfur smell. You are on a floating plateau over hell and a bloody path is the only thing that keeps you away from being fried alive by the burning wind coming under. In fact, at this point, you shall avoid pain, not death. Unfortunately, Death will charge its price on the end of this chapter. And it has only one....

Tip: The Keens will show you the way



Level 28 - Limbo

Now you will really experience what to be inside the spirit world is. You will coexist with lost souls and learn by practice what's the difference between ghosts and phantoms. And, of course, the usual demons of Hell will be there too. You have already passed through the door of Hell, now you will have to pass over its final gateway, a dimension between the demons' and the lost souls' worlds. In this dimension, you loose all material world references; you are a lonely soul flying around together many others in the infinite. The only thing you can see beyond the dead entities is a giant gate taking the entire horizon which separates you from Hell, you must get through it.

Tip: The PAR TIME of this level is 10 minutes. When you discover the level dynamics, you will realize it is, indeed, very easy, but it will ever, at least, require your patience and clairvoyance to wait the gate be completed opened. Until you learn that, you will die aplenty, but donít worry, remember that you are already dead

Level 29 - Hell

Suddenly you remember the classic Danteís lyrics about Hell; you see some similarities with the sight ahead: itís Hell, at last. You wonder what Dante would say to you now you are about to begin the final descent and test your faith. In the Hell entryway, an endless and narrow staircase is the only way to avoid the bloody lava that lies over a deep, dark and deadly cliff. Keep your faith and balance to not give a false step outside this vertiginous ladder. Go ahead and meet the Kings of Hell where the living ends.

Tip: Keep yourself at the path as longer as you can, until the end if you are strong enough, but if you canít, you canít. If you fall, you fell. What do you care if Hell gets more infernal?



Level 30 - Die Romero

After all poured blood, all painful fights and all thorns youíve passed through, you finally reached the horrifying ultimate battle. You got yourself into the deepest bowel of Hell Ė a place that even a mighty god would not dare approaching Ė, and you find what was obvious, you stand face-to-face with the most horrendous and feared beast: Satan, in flesh and bone, blood and strength, in spirit and spells, power and blazes. Once again is up to you blowing his face up. The end of this story lies over your shoulders to save yourself of being a warrior that nobody would be proud to remember. The time to reach a new heroic deed has come.

Tip: You will have to do the same job you did on Hell on Earth final level. The difference is that, beyond other few painfully surprises, youíll have to find two keys before destroying the great beast...

The Secret Levels - On Vacation

Level 31 - Tsunami

After the several battles you survived, you went on a vacation trip, trying to rest some time and heal some hurts, so you made your head to the beach. Once there, you discover the sad reality: the monsters also have learned how to entertain their selves lying under the sun and surfing some waves. Even at the beach you are obliged to have some killing-job-time, typical. The only thing you wouldnít ever expect is that Hell could send such sea nightmare over your head to test your breath while you have to drill it.

Tip: Remember that this level offers two ways of finishing it, and lead you to the second episodeís secret level.



Level 32 - Vietnam

Only you know the hard time you had to beat the Hell on a war that is remembered as the "big win", now imagine to face a warhell that is remembered as the "big lost". At the Nam, my friend, "the hole is deeper", and so the Hell .

This is, farther than any other, the most difficult level you will try to pass through. You will discover that not only great monsters can be a huge obstacle, the small ones can also accomplish the same job.

Tip: Donít try to rush things up, the level starts with an ambush, so wait, camper yourself. After that, all you have to do is to carefully step forward and straight ahead until you find the means to go out. Be careful and avoid being hit, because the medic's platoon is dead. Saving the game on the previous level and jumping this map is also another tip than can be given...

Pedroom Pack 1 - Extra Levels:



Just a shooting practice place for you testing your reflex and skills with all Doom weapons. A mysterious trap is also found on this level.

Tip: Don't be greedy

Castle of Heretic

The original level of Heretic sequence when first converted to Doom 2 scenario. This level is the base for several others like: Yard, Battlefield, Waterfall and Babel Tower (see above). Many adventures begin here.

Tip: Seek for invisible walls and hidden teleport devices.




The original Doom Soccer Stadium map which registered downloading record on the former brazilian Mandic BBS. Play soccer ball against the super-crowded demoniac cheer fulfilled with endless monsters on a typical brazilian soccer field.

Tip: Kill 'n' run as faster as you can


The Bosses fight continues, and now you have to face the ultimate one: the Boss Shoter - the original "Bosses" Deathmatch map on a single player edition. Five minutes to survive this diabolic enemy.

Tip: Level PAR TIME = 5 minutes. Be patient and alive until the right moment



"This wadfile was named 'The Door of Hell' years before the eponymous Doom movie released on 2005, I swear by the love of God and revenge of Satan. Perhaps they have been inspired here, a honor that'd be, who knows?" - Pedroom Killer

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